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Inventory Management Services
We maintain an efficient network of large centralized stocking facilities. These facilities are used to coordinate our purchasing, receiving, quality, and other operational activities. In addition, we offer our customers the option of having their materials kept at one of these warehouses, a Forward Stocking Location (FSL) or an In-Plant Store.
Consignment Inventory
We offer consignment services that provide you with the flexibility of deferring asset purchases.
We will stock the inventory at your site and retain ownership until the product is consumed. A number of different consignment options are available.
Dedicated/Reserve Inventory
Some customers want the assurance that materials held by their suppliers are reserved only for them. For example, we can maintain reserved inventory in caged areas of our warehouses dedicated to you. These materials can only be released at your instruction.
Forecast Management
We know fasteners and we know how to forecast your needs. Our Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) tool allows us to take your usage data, create accurate forecasts and purchase inventory on a Just-In-Time basis. We take pride in our ability to work with you to accurately forecast your needs.

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