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The aerospace market is changing more rapidly than ever, as aircraft build rates are at their record level, and still expected to grow further, and as the competition is also stronger than ever. The focus of Align Aerospace is to continue concentrating on our core values and strengths, as they are in the heart of the focus of our customers, and the rights leverages for our growth:

Quality of Service

    We are proud to be acknowledged by our customers, from the large aircraft or engine manufacturers to the smaller subcontractors, not only as a reference in terms of on time delivery and quality performance, but also as a flexible and customer-focused company, able to adjust our services to their precise needs.

Innovative Supply Chain Services

    Align Aerospace is continuously providing to the market, new and enhanced services targeted at optimizing our customers worldwide supply-chain, reducing their direct and indirect supply-chain costs, reducing their inventory, reducing their number of suppliers, optimizing their bill of material, and thus helping them to improve their own performance towards their large aircraft or engine manufacturers. From large on-site warehouses to kitting, direct line feed services, and third party logistics, we have the expertise to customize the right services for each of our customers.

More Products

    Moreover, we are continuously bringing more product lines and more product manufacturers under our umbrella, beyond fasteners, standard hardware, bearings, seals, customer designed products, and other C-class products for the benefit of our customers. Align Aerospace being approved by most large OEM’s, Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, GE, UTC and P&W, Safran and many others, is the right answer for the aerospace subcontractors who need to service all these end-customers, under each of their own quality requirements.

Local and Global

    Our leadership team being American, French and Chinese, our main distribution platforms being in the Americas, Europe, and soon in China, our satellite logistic sites being even more widely spread around the globe, we can proudly say that we are “at home” on all continents, and that we can serve all our customers locally, according to their local culture, and in their local time zone.

Strength and Stability

    Align Aerospace has the chance to have a stable and long term shareholder, able to support the company fo the long-term, therefore bringing stability to our customers in this ever changing world.


Dear customers,

We are covering the world for you.
We are committed to perform at the highest standards.
You can trust us.

Jérôme de TRUCHIS
President and CEO of Align Aerospace

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