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At Align Aerospace, our policy is to provide customers on-time delivery of defect-free products and services.  We are committed to the continuous improvement of our quality systems and processes.


We work closely with suppliers to improve process controls to reduce non-conformance. Key criteria are monitored during manufacturing to immediately correct any anomalies and delegated inspection is a necessary component of of an overall cost reduction strategy as it eliminates the cost of redundant receiving inspections.
Some examples of our value-added quality services include:

  • – Incoming inspection of every shipment
  • – AS13001 certified inspectors for delegated inspection
  • – Dock-to-stock delivery
  • – Dedicated customer quality representatives who are process and product experts
  • – Process certification ensures predictable output
  • – Continuous training and state of the art equipment to meet customer quality requirements.
  • – Digital storage of product certifications, inspection, and test reports
  • – Chemical and physical properties testing to ensure compliance to customer specifications
  • – Use of approved independent test labs for customer specs conformance validation

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