ALIGN AEROSPACE The focus of Align Aerospace is to continue concentrating on our core values and strengths, as they are in the heart of the focus of our customers, and the right leverages for our growth. -- Jerome de Truchis, President and CEO of Align Aerospace
Align Aerospace has moved to 9401 De Soto Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Strength and Stability

Align Aerospace is backed by AVIC International, a solid shareholder who is able to support the company for the long-term. Our parent company's mission statement is to "Go beyond commerce for a better world."

Service Excellence

We are proud to be recognized by our customers not only in terms of on-time delivery and quality performance, but also as a flexible and customer-focused company who is able to tailor and adjust our services to their precise needs.

Quality Product

Align Aerospace holds all major customer certifications and quality delegations. We utilize supplier scorecards to mitigate supply chain risks and have scalable distribution platforms to fit any customer.

Innovative Solutions

From large, state-of-the-art warehouses and on-site distribution facilities to fully integrated supply chain solutions, kitting, direct line feed services, and third party logistics, we have the expertise to customize the right plans and services for each of our customers.

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