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With more than 30 dedicated employees and three independent quality-management labs, our quality team makes sure that every part you receive meets your most stringent requirements. We carefully manage customer flow-downs, lot control, and traceability to ensure product integrity after delivery. We are certified and compliant with industry standards and our quality systems are regularly inspected by customers and subject to internal audits and independent certification groups to ensure that we meet or exceed your high standards of quality.

Our goal is zero defects – always. We focus on corrective action and continually strive for improvement.  Partnerships with suppliers allow us to drive improvement within our supply chain. As a result, defects are immediately addressed with the supplier with focus on permanent solutions.
Our quality team uses state of the art tools to inspect products, including Keyence image machines, automated vision inspection machines, optical comparators, toolmaker’s microscopes, and thermo XRF machines. We continually update inspection equipment so your materials can be tested quickly and accurately.

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