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Align Aerospace has a rich history of supplying hardware products to companies in the aerospace and defense industries that dates back several decades:

2015 – AVIC International expands commercial aerospace services portfolio with the acquisition of Align Aerospace.


2011 – Greenbriar Equity acquires Anixter Aerospace Hardware and renames the company Align Aerospace.

2009 – The company rebrands under the name Anixter Aerospace Hardware to combine Anixter Pentacon and Anixter Eurofast into one jointly run brand.

2007 – Eurofast is acquired from LISI Aerospace. This acquisition gives Anixter Pentacon a larger customer base in Europe.


2002 –Anixter International purchases Pentacon, Inc breaking the company into two segments: Anixter Fasteners and Anixter Pentacon.


1999 – Eurofast is created through a series of acquisitions from 1999 through 2000.


1998 – Pentacon, Inc is created, through the rollup of its five founding companies which included Alatec Products Inc. The companies averaged over 25 years of experience supplying fasteners. Later in the year, ASI Aerospace Group and Texas International Aviation (Dallas, TX) are acquired. The aerospace companies are broken off into Pentacon Aerospace Group, Inc. to focus on the unique needs of the aerospace industry.


1995 – ASI Aerospace Group is formed after Aerospace Supply Inc. acquires four aerospace and defense hardware distribution companies: Pollard Aviation Supply (Dallas, TX), Barco Aviation (Santa Monica, CA), Paschall International (Pasadena, CA), & Adams Supply Inc (Torrance, CA).


1972 – Alatec Products, Inc., based in Chatsworth, CA, is founded, targeting the commercial aviation, defense electronics and other high-tech industries.

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